Seasons 4 supermarket units for dehumidificationA supermarket requires environmental control for two basic reasons, human comfort and to provide an environment for efficient operation of the refrigerated display cases. Seasons•4 is a specialist in optimizing HVAC systems for both these functions, dramatically reducing energy costs and improving the store environment.

If there is one thing Seasons 4 is known for, it’s for providing the best in supermarket HVAC. For years, Seasons 4 has specialized in providing equipment for the supermarket industry. We’ve worked with the biggest names in the industry and are known as an industry leader. Our dedicated supermarket staff has a wealth of knowledge that our customers have come to rely on. Seasons 4 has several solutions to fit everyone’s needs, we specialize in the following units:


Single path and Dual path Supermarket HVAC Units:

Single path units – The Single path unit is the workhorse of most stores, A typical Single path unit consists of a minimum outside air intake, Oversized DX coil with or without bypass, hot gas reheat, heat reclaim, subcool reheat, and gas or electric heat.

Dual path units – The Dual path unit is one of the best units in managing humidity while keeping utility bills at a minimum. In a dual path unit, the outside air is handled and conditioned separately from the return air. By treating the outside air in this manner one can reduce the amount of energy spent and focus just on cooling and dehumidifying the outside air alone. once cooled and dehumidified it can be mixed with return air than depending on conditions is either passed through without additional cooling or is cooled and dehumidified as needed. Dual path units are also equipped with oversized Dx coils, bypass if needed, hot gas reheat, heat reclaim coils, subcool reheat coils, and gas or electric heat. Would you like a second opinion? Alabama power has an excellent write up on the benefits and efficiency of Dual path units here.



Just as important as the equipment itself is the control of the equipment. All the staging and modulation available will do you no good if it’s not controlled properly or efficiently. Not one to settle for less than the best, our Vice President of Supermarket sales took it upon himself to learn CPC controls to be able to offer the best to our customers. Not only is he well versed in the equipment and functionality from a sales standpoint, he truly understands the operation of the equipment and how to program a sequence of operation that will provide a blend of optimal performance and efficiency by taking advantage of the stages of cooling and heating available and typically unique to Seasons 4 equipment.

Path to market:

Seasons 4 knows the supermarket industry is one that is competitive like no other and for this reason, we sell direct to the end users and contractors. You can inquire about a unit by emailing our supermarket sales staff.

Single path and Dual path Supermarket HVAC Units