Please note: If start-up is not need at this time please complete the start-up request form, and fax back with minimum 2 week notice before date needed.


Rigging Assistance

Seasons-4 provides an experienced person to be on site with the installer during rigging. When the “on site” date is determined please mail or fax this completed form back to Seasons-4 service dept. a minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice. Rigging assistance includes (see rigging information & instructions for detailed information) advice on rigging, recommendations for solving unexpected problems uncovered when the old unit is removed, and offering advice on the proper location of the new unit on the existing curb.

Note: Seasons-4 or the authorized service company representing Seasons-4 is not responsible for the rigging, they are merely there to offer advice during rigging. The installing contractor, the owner, and the rigger are the responsible parties for properly rigging the unit(s). The riggers are the experts, and must know the capabilities of their equipment, and the proper procedures for placing the unit(s) in the proper location.

For further information on rigging assistance and the arrival of the new unit(s) please refer to the rigging information & instruction sheets located in your Seasons-4 submittal.