Seasons 4, Inc recognizes a need in the healthcare industry. Not all hospitals, clinics, or medical office buildings are alike. As our population ages, the need for healthcare is growing and far reaching. Clinics and medical office buildings are popping up on every corner and in large numbers in rural areas. While they can’t afford to have the maintenance staffs of the larger urban type establishments, they still have the same needs for HVAC equipment to provide quality and competitive care. Suite 4 answers their needs by providing a single source solution HVAC unit to provide low dewpoint discharge air for surgical suites, procedure areas, and medical office settings.


  • Low dewpoint discharge capability down to 39 degree without desiccant dehumidification
  • Tight discharge air control, even with 100% OA, or high percentage outside air units
  • Humidification and Dehumidification with electric/gas steam humidifiers and hot gas reheat
  • High grade filtration
  • Standard 2” double wall cabinet construction with aluminum exterior that never rusts
  • Hybrid cooling – Supplements chiller plant with low dewpoint, steady state, DX cooling
  • Tonnage ranges down to 5.5 tons
  • Direct drive blower(s)
  • UV Lights for sterilization
  • HEPA Filtration
  • DDC controls (LON, N2, Modbus and BacNet compatible), Custom programmed
  • Turnkey Package HVAC units
  • Pad or roof mounted
  • Single source responsibility

A complete mechanical room in one cabinet and from one manufacturer

Never before has there been a package DX piece of equipment purpose built for the healthcare industry until now. The Suite 4 HVAC unit by Seasons 4 combines everything needed to provide makeup and/or conditioned air to an operating room or clinical procedure room.


Target tonnage ranges of 5.5-300 tons

While Seasons 4 manufactures units of larger tonnage, We see a need for smaller tonnage package units equipped specifically for the Healthcare industry. Suite 4 HVAC unit has the ability to cool air to low dewpoints down to 40 degrees, something unheard of with standard package equipment without using desiccant technology. The hardest part of meeting the needs of the healthcare industry in a small rural clinics and settings are  the smaller loads and building areas that call for smaller tonnage equipment. Too small for larger, more complex solutions, too small for chiller/boiler plant setup, yet, too demanding for “off the shelf” solutions from mainstream package unit manufacturers. Suite 4 HVAC units by Seasons 4 is the solution for rural healthcare HVAC needs.


Let your building work for you

Mounted on the roof or pad instead of a mechanical room, the Suite 4 HVAC unit lets building owners put their money into revenue generating building space that return profits instead of tying valuable square footage with mechanical rooms that do not add to the bottom line.


Saves you time and money

The all in one design saves both time and money. Sourced from a single source supplier instead of multiple sources, our unit saves on installation costs and project management time.



Download our Suite 4 Healthcare brochure here.