Direct replacement systems are a Seasons 4 specialty. We can custom-engineer an HVAC system for almost any need. Typically, we are called upon to find ways to upgrade old systems to provide better performance and efficiency.

Direct replacement Supermarket units:

Seasons 4 is a supplier of direct replacement supermarket units. Whether it be a single path design, dual path, desiccant dehumidification system, indoor or outdoor, we have a solution that will fit your needs. Other suppliers such as Octagon Air systems in the 90’s and early 2000’s made similar single path and dual path designed units. These units are nearing their end of life cycle and can be easily replaced without changing the existing curb, ductwork, or utilities.  Contact one of our Supermarket sales engineers for more information.


Before  and After

Octagon Air replacement

Old Dual Path Octagon unit ready to be replaced

Seasons 4 replacement for Octagon

Replacement of old Octagon unit, matching curb and utilities and ready to be placed into service



The advantages of Seasons•4 replacement units include:

  • The installing contractors replacement liability is minimized
  • The old unit is completely measured by a Seasons•4 engineer
  • Seasons•4 guarantees the unit to fit the curb and the duct connections
  • The unit will arrive on-site at the time you choose
  • The pre-charged and tested unit is ready for immediate installation and operation
  • A Seasons•4 technician will be on-site to assist in the rigging procedure
  • The installation for one unit should not exceed 8 hours
  • The unit can interface with most control systems

Direct Replacements